4553, rue Principale
The Louis-J.-Robichaud Commemorative Monument in memory of this great Acadian native of Saint-Antoine is located in this park. During the summer, it is also a gathering place where various official village ceremonies are held. There is a walking path around the park, a stage to present music shows, picnic tables and a large parking lot.

In 2004, four red maples were planted in the park in memory of four young adults who died in a traffic accident. In 2005, the Historical and Heritage Conservation Committee received a grant from the Province of New Brunswick’s Local Historic Places Program, funded through the Historic Places Initiative. With this project, a historic sites memorial garden was established in the park.

To commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary, the municipality was among the 150 Canadian communities selected by Tree Canada to receive a grant financed by the Government of Canada to plant trees in its community. The planting ceremony took place in June 2017 at the Gilbert-Léger Park where 3 red maples, 3 sugar maples and 3 balsam firs were planted.