The Town of Champdoré celebrates Environment Month with several community initiatives

(Champdoré, N.-B., May 1, 2024) – The Town of Champdoré proudly announces the launch of Environment Month, a dedicated period to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices within our community. As part of its ongoing commitment to environmental and sustainable development, the Town of Champdoré is excited to spearhead initiatives aimed at increasing environmental awareness and highlighting the importance of responsible waste management, with a particular focus on community clean-ups.

One of the five key priorities outlined in Champdoré's strategic plan is environmental and sustainable development. Through Environment Month, the town aims to address this priority by fostering a greater understanding of environmental issues and encouraging collective action towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Throughout the month of May, Champdoré residents are invited to participate in community clean-ups across the territory, including the major ditch clean-up in Sainte-Marie on Saturday, May 4. Students from Champdoré’s schools will also take part in their own clean-up on May 17 at École Mont Carmel, and on May 21 at École Camille-Vautour. These events provide an opportunity for citizens to actively contribute to the preservation of our natural environment while promoting a sense of civic pride and responsibility.

Highlighting the collaborative spirit of our community, municipal employees and council members will be actively involved in these clean-up efforts, leading by example and demonstrating their commitment to environmental management. Cleaning kits will be available at the municipal office throughout the month of May from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, ensuring that participants have the necessary tools to make a meaningful impact.

Mayor Jean-Pierre Richard expressed his enthusiasm for Environment Month, stating: "This initiative highlights our collective responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. By coming together as a community, we can make a tangible difference in preserving the beauty and vitality of Champdoré."
Environment Month serves as a reminder that small actions can lead to significant change. Through education, engagement, and proactive measures, the Town of Champdoré remains committed to fostering a sustainable environment where residents can thrive.

In Addition:
• During the Committee of the Whole meeting on February 6, a proposal from TruSun Solar Energy to consider the installation of solar panels was presented. This proposal offers the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the use of renewable energy, thereby contributing to environmental preservation while providing long-term savings for the town. The municipal operations committee is tasked with evaluating this proposal and making a recommendation to the municipal council regarding it.
• The Town of Champdoré, along with seven other municipalities in New Brunswick, is participating in a community energy efficiency study conducted by the Association Francophones des municipalités du New Brunswick. This study provides valuable data to determine a way to implement a program to facilitate eco-energy renovations by making financing accessible to citizens.
• Two information sessions will be organized with environmentalist and Food Resiliency and Environment Coordinator of the Kent Regional Service Commission, Mario Doiron, also known as Mr. Carrot. On May 13 in Sainte-Marie on "Composting" and on May 22 in Saint-Antoine titled "A Healthy Relationship with Nature", offering residents the opportunity to learn more about ecological and sustainable practices.

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About the Town of Champdoré: The Town of Champdoré is committed to serving the residents of Champdoré by promoting economic prosperity, community well-being, and environmental sustainability. Through collaboration and innovation, the Town of Champdoré strives to create a dynamic and resilient community for all.

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