A new button-activated blinking crosswalk sign was installed on Principale Street at the intersection of Renaud Road in Saint-Antoine. People crossing the road can now push a button to turn on flashing lights and alert drivers. This signage was installed to increase awareness and compliance with the crosswalk and to ensure the safety of the pedestrian crossing at that intersection.‍ 

Follow these tips to help keep our roads safe for everyone:

  • Always come to a complete stop to pedestrians at crosswalks when flashers are blinking or when someone is waiting to cross the road
  • Be cautious near crosswalks. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions.
  • Don’t block the crosswalk when waiting to make a turn, forcing pedestrians to go around you as this could put them in the path of moving traffic.
  • Take extra care to look out for children
  • Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians
  • For pedestrians, cross at designated crosswalks whenever possible and wait for vehicles to stop before crossing.

Let’s work together to create an environment where our roads are secure for all. We are committed to the overall safety of Champdoré.