Word from the Mayor
ricky gautreau

It is with great pride that I welcome you to Saint-Antoine.

Located in southeastern New Brunswick, this village of more than 1,700 inhabitants, mostly French-speaking, is known for the diverse community life, the many services offered, the proximity to an urban center and the economic and community vitality.

Incorporated in 1966, the Village of Saint-Antoine continues to flourish and grow. Generations of pioneers and builders have contributed to the evolution of this municipality. As reflected in its slogan ‘’P’tite ville en campagne’’, the village of Saint-Antoine is a privileged place for people who want to live in piece in the country while being close to the big city. It is a village that attracts young families, has a welcoming population and a vibrant and growing community.

People of all age groups are welcome to take advantage of their community and recreational facilities. Maintaining and continuously improving these facilities is a priority as it is essential not only to attract young families, but also to retain current citizens. A schedule of activities throughout the year allows citizens to have fun in addition to attracting people from neighboring communities to our village.

The municipality also supports community organizations in their projects and activities in order to work together in order to offer the best quality of life for all citizens and a sense of belonging to the community.

We want to offer citizens a municipal council that reflects the image, demonstrates transparency and contributed to the achievements of the common vision to make Saint-Antoine a welcoming and inclusive village. There will always be room for discussions and exchanges.

On behalf of the municipal council, municipal employees and the citizens of Saint-Antoine, I take this opportunity to invite you to come and visit us. We are always proud to promote our beautiful little corner of Acadie.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Jean-Pierre Richard, Mayor

The municipal council of Champdoré is composed of the mayor and seven councillors by ward, including one councillor who takes on the deputy mayor function. The mayor and the councillors serve a four-year term. The members of the current council were elected by the population at the November 2022 municipal elections.

The councillors are elected in the four wards:
a) three councillors are elected in ward 1 : (Champdore ward 1)
b) one councillor is elected in ward 2 : (Champdore ward 2)
c) two councillors are elected in ward 3 : (Champdore ward 3)
d) one councillor is elected in ward 4 : (Champdore ward 4)

For more information about the municipal council, consult Procedural By-LawRemuneration By-Law  et Composition of Council By-Law 
Eugere 8638
(506) 525-4020
Councillor ward 1
Maurice 8569
(506) 955-9014 (maison) ou (506) 744-0727 (cell)
Councillor ward 3
(506) 525-2159 (maison) ou (306) 502-1961 (cell)
Councillor ward 1
(506) 874-2400
Councillor ward 2
(506) 525-4020
Councillor ward 1
Leandre 8510
(506) 878-3390
Councillor ward 4
Marc 8484
(506) 733-0411
Councillor ward 3 
(506) 744-1801