Do you want to get more involved in your community? Volunteering is a precious resource for the Town of Champdoré and it contributes to the quality of life of its citizens. Some services, events and initiatives could not be offered without the support of volunteers. Whether you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis or occasionally, there is a place for you based on your interests.

The objectives of the volunteer opportunities offered by the Town of Champdoré are:
  • Providing a sense of worth through the volunteer experience
  • Allowing citizens to get involved with their municipality
  • Providing the opportunity to develop personal skills
  • Engaging volunteers in a sector that they are passionate about
  • Developing a feeling of belonging to their community
  • Encouraging an exchange of ideas and information between volunteers
  • Offering enriching experiences related to the interests of the volunteers
  • Recruiting the volunteers necessary to ensure the success of the activity or project

If you would like to join the volunteer team, please complete the Volunteer Form. Someone will contact you afterwards to direct you to a committee or an activity that may be of interest to you.

Here are the volunteering opportunities with the municipality:
  • Saint-Antoine Fire Department*
  • Saint=Paul Fire Department 
  • Fernand-Léger Outdoor Rink Committee
  • Fundraising
  • Historical and Heritage Conservation Committee
  • Occasional Activities
  • Champdoré Fall Colors Festival Committee
  • Seniors and Special Needs Committee/ MADA
  • Special Events Committee
  • Yvon LeBlanc Run Committee

*To join the Saint-Antoine Fire Department, you must complete this form (only available in French).

For all inquiries, please contact Tina Bitcon at (506) 525-4020 or

All volunteers who are part of a committee must sign the Politique 109- Politique sur la description des sous-comités de la municipalité de Saint-Antoine (only available in French).