The Village of Saint-Antoine is part of the Kent Regional Services Commission and urban planning services for the region are provided by the commission. This service manages land development and urban planning which includes the application of the rural plan, the approval of subdivisions, the granting of building permits, the inspection of buildings, etc.

Building PermitsBefore building, renovating, expanding, relocating, demolishing or adding a construction or mobile home, you must contact the Kent Regional Service Commission to obtain a building permit. In many cases, a building permit is required to ensure that new projects are complying with local by-laws, the New Brunswick Building Code Act and the National Building Code of Canada. For more information, consult l’arrêté de construction of the Village of Saint-Antoine (only available in French).

Building Inspector - Jules Léger
(506) 743-1490 

SubdivisionSubdivision of land consists of dividing a land into several lots, creating private accesses or building new streets. Before proceeding, you must contact a development officer at The Kent Regional Service Commission. The development officer is responsible for approving the subdivision of land in order to certify that the project complies with the Community Planning Act, the Provincial Subdivision Regulation, the rural plan, the subdivision by-law and to any provincial law. He will inform you about the procedures to follow and will give you ideas and advice about your subdivision project.

Development Officer - Elmo Bastarache
(506) 743-1490

For more details on subdivision plans, consult l’arrêté de lotissement of the Village of Saint-Antoine (only available in French).

RezoningThe Rural Plan (only available in French) of the Village of Saint-Antoine is prepared to provide the municipal council with a frame of reference and a decision-making tool to play a key role in the development.

The Rural Plan:
  • divides the municipality into zones;
  • subject to the powers conferred to the Commission, specifies:
    • the permitted uses for the land, buildings and structures located in an area, and
    • the mandatory requirements related to land use, as well as the installation, construction, modification and use of buildings and constructions;
  • prohibits the use, installation, construction or modification of land, buildings or constructions that do not comply with the purposes and standards mentioned in the Rural Plan.

For the purposes of the rural plan, the municipality is divided into defined zones on the Zoning Map (only available in French) of the Village of Saint-Antoine. The range and boundaries of the zones are shown on this map and the provisions of the rural plan apply to all the zones respectively, where applicable.

The areas identified on the Zoning Map are classified and designated as follows:
  1. One Family Residential (R1);
  2. One & Two Family Residential (R2);
  3. Multi Family Residential (R3);
  4. Central Commercial (CC);
  5. Neighborhood Commercial (CQ);
  6. Community (CO);
  7. Business Park (PA);
  8. Resources (RE);

If you wish to apply for rezoning, you must contact the planner at the Kent Regional Services Commission. Any request must receive the approval of the municipal council. A period of about 3 to 6 months is usually required for the rezoning process. Notices of zoning changes will be posted on the municipality's website home page during the required posting period.

Planner - Serge Boucher
(506) 523-1820