In order to provide the best service to its citizens, a snow removal contractor has been hired by the municipality to clear snow from streets and sidewalks. The main objective of the municipality is to ensure the safety of all citizens. However, motorists are reminded to adapt to road conditions.

Following a storm, snow removal operations are carried out continuously until the streets and sidewalks are clear and safe. The cleaning crew has to pass by several times to completely remove snow from the streets, which can block private entrances. Sometimes they also have to widen the streets to make sure there is enough space for future winter storms.

Here are general guidelines to make snow removal operations faster and more efficient:
  • According to paragraph 13 (d) of the municipal by-law no. 2007-03 of the Village of Saint-Antoine, it is prohibited to stop, immobilize or park a vehicle on a municipal street in the village, for snow removal purposes, during the months of November, December, January, February, March and April, between midnight and 7 am.
  • During the winter season, plastic containers, garbage bins on wheels or garbage bags should not be too close to the street, nor behind or on a snow bank to avoid damage during snow removal.
  • It is forbidden to deposit or push snow on the sidewalk or on the street when clearing the driveways and entrances.
  • When clearing snow from sidewalks, it is important that they are clear of any obstacle that may obstruct the passage (cars, containers, garbage bins or bags, etc.).