The public works department oversees the operation of all services related to municipal infrastructure such as the municipal road network and municipal buildings. Employees are also responsible for services in terms of environmental health and public health protection such as the management of the water system and the storm and sanitary sewers.

In 2017-2018, the municipality, with the help of the engineering firm Crandall Engineering Ltd., finalized a village asset management plan to determine the current condition of roads, pipes, buildings, etc. and the most efficient way to maintain or repair them for years to come. This program is an annual planning tool for future investments required based on available funds.

Driveway CulvertsCulvert installation in the village is governed by politique 2012-01- Politique sur la construction et l’entretien des ponceaux municipaux (only available in French). If you wish to install, replace or maintain a driveway culvert, you must complete le formulaire de demande ponceau (only available in French) and visit the municipal office to submit the request. The waiting list will be processed based on the following criteria: priority and date of request.

The maximum length of a residential culvert is 9.15 metres (30 ft) while the maximum length of a commercial culvert is 12 metres (40 ft).

Ditch AlterationThe ditches are used to ensure adequate drainage of the properties and the road. Subject to the approval of the Village of Saint-Antoine and following the regulations mentioned in politique 302- Modification aux fossés (only available in French), ditch filling may be permitted. Under this policy, anyone who wishes to fill a ditch must first submit une demande pour modification au fossé (only available in French) to the municipality and submit a drainage plan for the ditch property that includes a seal of an engineer entitled to practice in the Province of New Brunswick.

Michel Girouard
Director of Public Works
4556 Principale Street, Suite 300
Saint-Antoine, NB E4V 1R3
Telephone: (506) 525-4020
Fax: (506) 525-4027