Domestic Animal
Animal control is important to ensure public safety, peace and quiet for the citizens and the cleanliness of public spaces. Pet owners are responsible for their animal and any nuisance it may cause. They must make sure that their dog is always on a leash.

L’arrêté no 99-2- Arrêté concernant la garde et l’abattage des chiens et des chats prévoyant l’octroi de permis pour les chiens et les chats dans le village de Saint-Antoine (only available in French) stipulates that any owner of a dog or cat must register, each year, each dog or cat he owns, before the last day of January. Registration can be done by going to the municipal office during office hours and paying the associated license fees. Proof of a valid rabies vaccination certificate must be provided when purchasing a license. The purpose of the registration is to ensure that the dogs or cats are vaccinated against rabies and the owner of a lost dog or cat can be identified quickly. The plate attached to the neck of the dog/cat includes the registration number and year of registration.

Any dog or cat owner must not:
  • Let his dog or cat wander freely
  • Refuse or neglect to register his dog or cat
  • Refuse or neglect to attach to the collar of his dog or cat a tag engraved with the dog's or cat's number
  • Refuse or neglect to have his dog or cat wear a collar at all times, except when the dog or cat is in a kennel or in the house
  • Let his dog or cat run after pedestrians or motor vehicles
  • Let his dog bark excessively as to cause public nuisance
  • Let his dog do his business on the sidewalks

If you have lost your dog or cat or notice a stray or nuisance animal, please contact the municipality at (506) 525-4020.

If you see a dog chained up, permanently tethered, abused or neglected, report it to the NB SPCA by calling 1-877-722-1522. For more information, visit the Animal Protection in New Brunswick website.

Wild AnimalSince the municipality is surrounded by wooded areas, wildlife could be seen within municipal limits. It is recommended that you do not feed them, keep your pets away and do not approach them.

In the event of wildlife nearby that could constitute a threat to the citizens, please contact the Department of Natural Resources at (506) 523-7600.

The municipality picks up the small dead animals. In any case, the employees of the municipality cannot intervene on a private property. If you notice a small dead animal on the streets within municipal limits, please notify the municipality at (506) 525-4020.

Tips to avoiding encounters or problems with black bears
  • Do not panic
  • Reduce garbage odours
  • Keep garbage cans in a bear-proof container or in a closed garage until the morning of pickup
  • Keep barbecue grills and picnic tables clean

See the brochure Be aware of bears for more information.

For more information about wildlife, visit the website of the Department of Natural Resources.