2 de l'Église Avenue
The Saint-Antoine-l’Ermite Church is designated as a local historic place for its value with regards to the determination for a permanent religious aspect in the village, by building a large stone church in 1923. Since then, the Saint-Antoine-l’Ermite Church remains the tallest and most dominant structure in the village. It is still a place of worship for the community.

In 1919, it was decided that a new church would be built to accommodate an increasing congregation. R. Fréchette, Architect and Father Philippe Hébert of Notre-Dame drew the plans for the largest stone church of that time. Under the direction of Father Allain, stones began being transported from the quarry in Notre-Dame, in 1920. No less than 1,500 loads of stones were needed to erect the Church in 1923. The structure measures 158 feet in length by 60 feet in width and its steeple stands 140 feet high.