de l'Église Avenue
The historical site of the Higho of Cocagne Institutional Centre is designated as a local historic place for its value and link with regards to the centre of the first establishments in the Higho of Cocagne, being the first two churches, the first school as well as Robichaud Road which was the main road. In the spring of 1832, the three sisters, Marguerite, Barbe and Geneviève, took possession of the first three pieces of land in Saint-Antoine. Because of the land's elevation and its proximity to Cocagne, the new place was baptized the Higho of Cocagne. It is on the site of this newly cleared land that the first establishments of the Village of Saint-Antoine were erected. Built in 1838, the first chapel stood on the site of the second church along Robichaud Road and which today is a multifunctional trail. The second church was a place of worship between 1859 and 1923 and the first school welcomed students between 1876 and 1918 before being moved near the new village centre.