24 de L'Église Ave

The Camille-Vautour Presbytery is designated as a local historic place for its value as the residence of Reverend Camille Vautour, the first resident priest in Saint-Antoine and a prominent figure in the village. In order to accommodate the first resident priest, the parishioners had a presbytery built, in 1941, next to the stone church. Clément, son of Maxime Cormier, was the foreman.

Born in Shediac in 1905, Father Camille Vautour was the first resident priest in Saint-Antoine, from 1940 to 1980. At the time of his retirement, he was celebrating 50 years of priesthood and his 75th birthday. Rich in biblical knowledge and a great event organizer, Rev. Vautour was always a devoted man. He left obvious traces in the village and in the surrounding areas. During an introduction to an historical piece on the parish, it is said of him that: "In brief, for the parishioners, then and now, Father Vautour is Saint-Antoine, and Saint-Antoine is Father Vautour".