Heritage is an important endeavor for Saint-Antoine. The village has more than 175 years of history. The municipality is committed to keeping the memories of events in the area alive so they may continue to inspire them in the future. This work is carried out for the most part by the Historical and Heritage Conservation Committee that has been established by the municipality in 2004 with the objective of saving the history of the village and the parish.

Since the committee was created, a historic places directory has been put in place and a memorial garden of ten historic places has been set up in Gilbert-Léger Park. Three monuments were erected in the village: the Pioneer’s Monument from 1833 to 1925, the Pioneer’s Monument from 1926 to 1968 as well as the cenotaph to pay tribute to the veterans. A cross was also installed on the site of the first church of Saint-Antoine.
A grant was received in 2005 to identify eleven historic places in Saint-Antoine. Information signs have been permanently installed in the Gilbert-Léger Park  so that citizens and visitors can learn more about them.

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For additional information about these historic places, consult the New Brunswick Register of Historic Places.