Household WasteHousehold waste collection for the citizens of the Village of Saint-Antoine is every Wednesday morning. Waste must be placed at curbside before 6:30 am on collection day.

The 3 sources program, which is now mandatory, asks citizens to separate their waste at home into three bags of different color: green bag for organic waste, blue bag for recyclable waste and clear bag for everything else. The green bag is picked up every week while the blue bag and the clear bag are picked up on alternating weeks. Waste that does not comply with this sorting will not be collected.

Here are the general guidelines to follow in order to ensure that waste is picked up:
  • Garbage must be easily accessible and clearly visible from the street, but should not be placed on the sidewalk or in the street.
  • If plastic containers, garbage bins on wheels or permanent boxes are used for garbage, the designated colored bags for the week’s collection should be placed on top. Collection workers will not go through the garbage bins to collect bags for safety reasons.
  • During the winter season, plastic containers or garbage bins on wheels must not be too close to the street, nor behind or on a snowbank to not interfere with snow removal. They should also be cleared of any snow and ice.
  • It is also strongly recommended that green bags containing organic waste be placed in a plastic container, a garbage bin on wheels or a permanent box to avoid a mess. To make sure that all the bags are picked-up and for safety reasons, green bags should be placed last in the bin.

The sorting list and the collection calendar are available on the Kent Regional Service Commission website. This information is also available on the Kent Services mobile app, which can be downloaded from Apple and Android devices.

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If there are any changes to the regular collection in the event of a storm or a holiday, the information will be posted on the website home page and on the municipality’s Facebook page.

Special Garbage CollectionLarge garbage will be picked up twice a year, in May and October. The special collection is organized in order to collect larger items that are not picked up during the regular collections.


The items must be placed at curbside before 6:30 am on collection day.

Accepted garbage:
  • Household appliances, furniture, mattresses, wood, branches, brush, tires without rims (maximum of 4), yard waste, etc.

Non-accepted garbage:
  • Construction waste, large trees, auto parts, snowmobiles, rocks, gravel, sand, manure, dead animals and hazardous waste (paint, solvents, etc.) will not be picked up.
  • * Paint cans can be picked up if the cover is removed and the paint inside is dry.

General instructions:
  • It is strongly recommended not to take out the items more than a week before the scheduled collection out of respect for the neighborhood and for safety reasons.
  • With the exception of large items, all waste should be in cardboard boxes, transparent bags or tied in bundles and should not exceed 50 pounds (23 kg) and / or 1,20 metres (4 feet) in length.
  • Opaque bags (black, dark green, orange, etc.) are no longer accepted even during the special garbage collection.
  • Windows and mirrors must be broken in advance and placed in a box as a safety measure for collection workers.
  • Objects intended for collection must be placed in a manner that does not endanger the safety of others (without nails, screws, sharp metal, etc.). Items in trailers or in the box of a truck will not be picked up.

Mobile Eco-DepotIn collaboration with Southeast Eco360, the Kent Regional Service Commission offers the Mobile Eco-Depot program. This free service allows residents of the Kent region to dispose of bulky, hazardous, construction and other types of waste at a location near them (up to a half-ton truck and utility trailer load). There will be a total of eight events per year in Kent County and citizens are welcome, not just to the ones closest to them or in their community.

Accepted products:
  • Appliances (limit of 1 of each type per client)
  • Furniture
  • Small household machinery (must be emptied of gas and oil)
  • Construction, demolition and renovation waste
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Car and truck tires (limit of 8 per customer)
  • Lobster traps (limit of 5 per customer)
  • Brush, branches and yard waste (including Christmas trees)
  • Ashes
  • Glass, cardboard and paper
  • Metal

*No car parts, gas tanks, residential oil tanks, regular curbside waste or commercial waste

A complete list and calendar are available on the Kent Regional Service Commission website.

Next Mobile Eco-DepotSaturday September 24th from 9 am to 4 pm
J.K. Irving Centre, parking lot B, 30 Évangéline Street in Bouctouche

For more information, visit or call (506) 743-1490.