The Saint-Antoine Industrial Park is open for business and offers serviced lots for a wide range of businesses. The municipality manages the park and also takes care of its maintenance.

Located on a 31 hectares (76 acres), the park is serviced by the village’s water and sewer systems. Broadband internet connection is also available throughout the park.

TopographyThe Saint-Antoine Industrial Park is located on Henri Street at the corner of Renaud Road in the Village of Saint-Antoine in southeastern New Brunswick. It is approximately 11 kilometers from Exit 27 of Highway 11 at McKees Mills. At the borders are the Renaud road lagoon as well as private land and the multifunctional trails.

AmenitiesA. Administration
The Saint-Antoine Industrial Park is administered by the Village of Saint-Antoine.

B. Maintenance
The Village of Saint-Antoine is responsible for the maintenance of the streets in the park as well as the maintenance of the water and sewer systems. A snow removal contractor has been hired by the municipality for the snow removal of the streets.

C. Health
A few services such as three doctors' offices, a blood clinic and a pharmacy operate within municipal boundaries. Three hospitals serve the region, the Stella-Maris-de-Kent Hospital in Sainte-Anne-de-Kent, the Dr-Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton and The Moncton Hospital.

D. Fire Protection
The fire protection service in Saint-Antoine is provided by the Saint-Antoine Fire Department, located at 4599 rue Principale. The brigade has about thirty firefighters, two pump trucks, a tank truck, a rescue truck and much more. The village has mutual aid agreements with neighboring communities.

E. Security
The Village of Saint-Antoine is under contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is responsible for surveillance in the Industrial Park.

ServicesA. Water
The water supply for the Village of Saint-Antoine comes from three municipal wells that pump water to the treatment plant for the removal of iron and manganese and produces high quality water. Prior to distribution, the water is stored in a 31.5 meter high tank, with a capacity of 946,300 liters (250,000 US gallons). The water is distributed in the Industrial Park through pipes installed in 2011 and connected to the municipal water system, providing good protection against fires. In addition, water services are available on each lot.

The Village of Saint-Antoine uses a per unit fee system for commercial and industrial water consumption.

B. Sewers
A sanitary sewer system with gravity feed is available to the lots of the Industrial Park with services available on each site and with a capacity, at design, to be able to serve the future street of the park. The industrial park's sanitary sewers are directed by gravity to the Renaud road lagoon for treatment.

The Village of Saint-Antoine uses a system of charges per unit for the commercial and industrial use of sewers.

C. Storm Sewer
The Industrial Park uses an open ditch storm water management system. Businesses are encouraged to maintain their ditch and land.

D. Streets
The most recent extension of the street system is a dead end at the end of Henri Street. There is the possibility of building a future street to expand the park. The streets are partially asphalt while another section is chip-seal.

E. Energy
The three-phase 608 voltage is available in the existing section of the Saint-Antoine Industrial Park and will be extended as needed.

F. High Speed/ Fiber Optics
High speed internet is available throughout the park. Contracts for high speed service are available by contacting a local Internet provider.

Monetary PremiumA. Taxes
The municipal tax for the Village of Saint-Antoine is among the lowest in the province.

Interested individuals and businesses are invited to contact the municipality to further discuss the opportunities.

For more information:
Tina Bitcon
General Manager
(506) 525-4021 

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